Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort- perfect place to stay for honeymoon couples

Hilton Bora Bora NuiA beach honeymoon is a dream for every newly married couple. The romantic atmosphere which a beach can offer to its couples, no other exotic places of the world can offer that. In order to spend a romantic honeymoon on an island, it is important to stay at the best beach resort. The Hilton Seychelles Northolme is the best beach resort for honeymoon where you can have a romantic outing with your spouse.

The resort is located just adjacent to the Indian Ocean and has a number of facilities. The exoreic private villas enable you to have a perfect view of Beau Vallon Bay. It is a very well known name in the list of top luxury resorts in Seychelles. Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond has been in the list of celebrity guests of this resort. Since the year 2007, the resort has won a number of awards, including the World Travel Awards.

Many Seychelles honeymoon packages from India include a stay at this resort. There are three important accommodation options here; the Hill side villa, oceanfront villa and the Ian Fleming suite. Each of the villas is comfortable to stay and will make your honeymoon memorable. The Hill side villa has one king side bed where you can easily stretch yourself and have a relaxing sleep after a tedious journey. There is one luxury bathroom as well as a shower where you can have a refreshing bath.

The Ocean Front Villa offers panoramic views of the Indian ocean. The balcony of the resort has a large sofa where you can sit with your loved ones and enjoy the natural beauty. There are a number of art works which you can find in the rooms of the resort.

The Ian Flaming Suite is especially constructed for those guests who want to stay in a luxurious room. This suite offers stunning view of the sea as it overlooks the Indian Ocean and has got some luxurious amenities like a high speed WI fi access, a DVD player as well as a private Jacuzzi.


Summer time at the Crossroads of East and West!

Summer time is always special for the families! It’s when the summer vacations give you the quality time to spend a holiday with your loved ones. While deciding on your international tours, Turkey could be the ideal destination, known for its glorious history and magnificent empires. Reining the lands of Anatolia, numerous civilizations have taken advantage of the beauty of the land that is geographically located as a piece connecting Europe and Asia. The advantage of the location has benefitted the trade and business of the country and has seen the intermingling of different cultures as well. The reigns of the following empires on the fertile land have brought a major impact in their own way. Along with the Sumerians , Hittites, the Lydians and the  Byzantines, and not to forget the Seljuks all have had their piece of rich glory over this land! The rich history has seen the rise and fall of kingdoms and their reigning strength. This makes the destination all the more a favorite amongst those tourists that strive for locations that speak for themselves.  Amazingly beautiful in every way, Turkey Holidays can be truly the most enterprising and fun filled family vacations. Check out on the architectural influence of the Ottomans on the heritage sites still existing with the magnificent glory of the empire with the turkey holiday packages from India.  The social life of the locals is absolutely lively and energetic. With native customs and traditions for many social events from weddings to births and other social holidays, the Turkish culture is a warm and embracing tradition.

As it is surrounded by the sea and beautiful mountains, it experiences temperate Mediterranean climate. This is the reason that the climate is pleasant throughout the year and maintains a beautiful Flora and Fauna.

 The folkloric dancers of the Cradle of Civilizations are simply miraculous. The colorful dresses and art performances are truly a sight to watch. Turkey holiday packages will bring you an exposure of the archaeological finds, culture and art to its most beautiful perspective, a treasure you will always carry in your minds. Istanbul is seen as one of the biggest commercial hubs and a living evidence of the rise of the Chalcolithic and Persian ages and the fullest capacity of being a magnificent city. Turkey is also known as the land of Oil Wrestlers. Amateur wrestlers from around the world gather here to enjoy these matches! Even camel wrestling is a famous activity of the region where the camels are brought close to each other to grapple with. Foundations of these events can be traced in the rich history of the country making it all the more a delightful land to explore.

The influence of the beauty of Tahiti and its melodrama!

Four Seasons Bora BoraPart of the Society Islands of French Polynesia and situated in the Pacific Ocean, Tahiti is famous for every ounce of beach beauty and for the environment it possesses to create the artistic urges in many nature lovers.  Even the most enterprising words cannot gratify the description that is well deserved by the island.

 Divided into two sections, Tahiti has a panoramic mountainous interior. Tourists visit the island to explore and feel the warmth of the beaches that resemble no less than a paradise. If you are looking for the treasures of beauty and isolation, where you can feel the time dancing to the sound of the blue velvet waves unfolding the layers of the rolls against the soft and porous granules of the beaches, then this is the ideal Beach honeymoon location without any doubt.

 The three main archipelagoes of French Polynesia, Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Mo’orea are the most beautiful pearls of the strands of the archipelagoes. No wonder the most sought packages for newlywed couples are the Bora bora Tour Packages from India and the most adorable and enhancing package, Tahiti Honeymoon Packages from India.  Tahiti has influenced a lot of artists that have been mesmerized by the enthralling beauty. One name that clearly creates ripples in the fields of paintings is, Paul Gauguin. Most of the paintings that he has made capture the beauty of the island and its beaches with great magnitude. The story of the warm sands being washed and turned by the cool azure waters can be seen and felt heartedly in his work. To complete the scenic atmosphere with a little more texture he emphasized on the fleecy clouds that are blown away into the clear blue skies that surround the island. This is an open invitation to all the art lovers that want to be present in the midst of clear and untouched beauty, to find new and glistening pieces of nature surrounded by the cool salty breezes of the water and sweet echoes of the wave formations of the endless sea.

 The recreational activities such as underwater trips that take you to the coral gardens and exclusive marine life are the favorite activities amongst the visitors. Nothing is as pleasant as the peaceful swim under the water away from the lands and in the middle of schools of fish so brightly colored as if drops of colors were lavishly spread over their skin to paint your souls!

Experience the Creole way of Life!

Fregate Island Private Luxury ResortSeychelles comprise of nearly 115 Islands in the midst of the Western Indian Ocean. The islands are undoubtedly one of Mother Nature’s lavish gifts! The entire archipelago is filled in abundance with beauty beyond words. The topaz colored waters and long white stretches of ribbons of sand circling each island on the borders merged with the blue cool waters are an enthralling sight. The islands have every exciting offer for the adventurous. These Beach resort getaways don’t require any sort of introduction, as they are the favorite amongst visitors from all across the globe.

Until the defeat of Napoleon in Waterloo the island was in the hands of the French. This explains much of the diversity in its cultural exposure. The nation saw a remarkable period of transition under the British rule.  The infrastructure of the economy changed drastically with focus on cash crops such as cotton, and coconuts.

 The most populous island Mahe, has the best facilities and services. The market places of the island are the busiest and offer fresh vegetables and fruits. They have the facility of the best sea food ranges as well.   The markets are filled with souvenirs and local spices and herbs for the tourists. The whole atmosphere of the markets if filled with the aroma of grilled fish and the joyful live music from impromptu bands of musicians that add the extra romantic feel to the environment. The lively atmosphere is quite different from the peaceful beaches that provide the solitude that the young visitors seek and request for while planning for Seychelles honeymoon packages from India.  One of the best engagements of the islands is the spectacular Morne Seychellois National Park on Mahé. This 45 minute walk to the summit of Morne Blanc allows you to experience the dazzling views across the island and the vast Indian Ocean. Have you ever fantasized horse rides down the beach of Source d’Argent? The pace of the horse shoes on the white granules are the most romantic activities for couples. Ride on your own horses across the long stretches of sand! A vacation without tasting the delicious dishes of the traditional Creole food would be incomplete from all ends. Gratify your taste buds with the spicy and exotic food of the islands. The dishes are prepared with the best sea food recipes and transform the local catch into extravagant traditional Creole food. Aride Island is the destination for the bird lovers. The feathery friends are simply at home in this habitat and can been seen in a flocks! Maldives honeymoon packages from Delhi offers you the best of beach destinations as well, ready to be unfolded at your requests!

Be a part of the Carnaval International de Victoria on your Seychelles Holiday Tour

If you think that Seychelles is only about the pristine beaches, tranquil natural beauty and turquoise blue waters then there is a lot more in store for you. This archipelago of islands also hosts some of the most enchanting festivals where celebrations are held in most time of the years. Many international tour packages from Delhi give a special offer on such festivals.

Presidential Villa - PoolCarnaval International de Victoria is the focal point for most of the tourists. Held mainly in the month of April, this three day festival promises some of the best performances from the local groups; whether it is a traditional dance performance or a cultural evening of songs. The festival is mainly celebrated in order to make aware to the tourists about the tradition of Seychelles. The crescendo of the crowd goes up as they enjoy to the tunes of foot tapping music. Seychelles holiday packages must consist of a visit to this international festival.

The first day of the carnival begins with an opening day celebration. It is attended by local as well as international dignitaries from business as well as from people of international trade. Musical shows entertain the crowd and also enthralls the people with all its charm. Victoria, a place which is situated near Seychelles adores itself with bright lights and many international food stalls that sell a variety of souvenirs and other things as well.

The second day starts with a procession that goes through the streets. A huge crowd gathers in order to be the spectator. You can see local people dressed in a variety of clothes at the procession as they dance their way to the town. Even foreigners participate in the procession and form a part of this festival that is celebrated with much grandeur and pomp.

The last day of the carnival ends with high voltage entertainment as families come out in large numbers and celebrate this festival. Live bands perform and food stalls sell their uniquely prepared traditional cuisine.

Paradise island resort is a romantic getaway for a luxurious honeymoon

Paradise island resort and spa MaldivesTourism and Maldives have an old age association with each other and therefore it is very obvious to say that the country’s major income come from this sector. It was from, the year 1972 that this country has been inviting people from all parts of the world to discover its tranquil natural beauty. The climate of the country makes it an appropriate place for the tourists to indulge themselves in a variety of sea sports such as water skiing, scuba diving and windsurfing.

The island has also got some of the best resorts that one will ever find on a honeymoon beach destination. One of them is the Paradise island resort and spa Maldives. This five star resort has got all the luxury amenities. Tourists mostly prefer to stay in this resort due to its close proximity from the Male International Airport, which is only 9.6 kms away from the resort. The resort was inaugurated in the year 1994 and was opened to all the tourists since that time.

The first class customer service, a variety of restaurants and a plethora of options for sports makes this resort as one of the preferred options for staying at this resort. Couples choosing Maldives honeymoon packages also opt for staying at this resort as the bungalows and the villas are really a wonderful experience to stay. Water Villas, Haven Villas, Haven Suites and Ocean Suites constitute the main accommodation options.

The Water Villas are strategically constructed in such a way that they overlook the Indian Ocean. The rooms are positioned in a way that either faces the sunset or the sunrise. This means that you can enjoy panoramic views of the silhouette in the evening while sitting on the balcony of your villa. Tourists can also have a clear view of the nearby crystal clear lagoon. Haven Villas, on the other hand offer sporadic views of the ocean as they are located in a place which is near the swimming pool.

Haven Suites which are another type of accommodation that offers luxury and comfort at the same time. There are 62 suites in total and each one of them has got Plasma TV, a minibar and an air conditioning room. The spacious balcony is long enough to put a bed and get sun kissed.

Ristorante al Tramanto and Fukuya Teppanyaki are the two restaurants, where tourists can have meals of their own. You can get here Italian dishes, freshly baked pizzas as well as enjoy some pasta. Couples can also enjoy a candle light dinner in a romantic atmosphere at the Ristorante al Tramanto Restaurant. Fukuya Teppanyaki is a Japanese restaurant; starting from the food to the chefs and the ambience, everything is prepared according to the Japanese culture.

Couples can enjoy the seaplane photo flights that offer a delightful opportunity to them to frame the important moments behind their lenses.

It is once in a life time experience to visit in such a wonderful island such as Maldives. One should not spare the opportunity to enjoy each and every moment.

Beaches of Tahiti are exclusively made for couples

Tahiti Honeymoon Packages from IndiaLocated in the southern Pacific Ocean, Tahiti is the ultimate call for the intrepid traveler. The unique surroundings of the island can be contributed to the way the island was formed. It is said that intense volcanic activity is responsible for the mountainous structure of the island. If anything makes this island famous apart from its picturesque beauty, then they are its beaches and that is the reason why it is often the preferred beach honeymoon destination for the newly married couples.

If you are a couple who is craving to look for some privacy admist nature, then the beaches of Tahiti beckon you. Known for their turquoise blue waters and black volcanic sand, they are the best beaches you will ever find in French Polynesia. Sitting in the sun-kissed beaches you will feel nature close to you, and can spend one of the most romantic moments with your better half. Hence, it is these beautiful characteristics of the island that has helped it to earn the name of ‘The Romantic Islands’

Here is your guide to some of the beaches that must be included in the Tahiti Honeymoon Packages from India. Take a look at them and you will be able to know about each one of them.

It is better to start off your day by visiting the La Plage de Maui beach in Tahiti. The lagoon here makes swimming a best option. You can go for a snorkeling along with the experienced divers here. The nearby restaurant serves light snacks and other delights. Mareto Plage Publique is located between Cook and Opunohu Bay and serves as an excellent background with a coconut grove as the backdrop.

At Avea Beach you can find some of the best resorts to stay. Visiting here with your spouse will really be romantic. You can go for a walk and stroll around the white sand. The sound of the waves is mesmerizing and is bound to create a soothing sound effect in your ears. If you are lucky enough, you can come across the chirping of birds here. Matira Beach, on the other hand is located in Bora Bora and is often the vital destination in the Bora Bora Tour Packages from India. A chain of hotels can be found here located adjacent to the beaches. The main attraction of the Beach is the white sand bay. People who like sea sports and adventures will find the place interesting as the deep blue waters are really shallow.

Rangiroa is an atoll and has wonderful beaches. Corals, pebbles, coconut trees and many such things cover the major area of the beach. You can hire water bikes and go for a ride in its clear waters. A ride for the couples is even available here. Do not forget to visit the Les Sable Roses. This beach is popular among the tourists for its pink sand. You can also take a boat there and have a picnic there if you are with your family members. Since, this is a remote Polynesian Island you will not find many shops or food outlets here and hence it is better to take the meals all with yourself.